Mark 15:21-47 Sermon Discussion Questions

What comfort does it bring to know that Jesus chose to endure the full brunt of suffering physically, spiritually, and eternally on the cross for your sin? 

Why must we not only believe that Jesus suffered physical pain on the cross but He also endured the infinite wrath of God on the cross? 

How does the mocking of Jesus on the cross display the nature of your sin? In what ways have you mocked the creator? How have you lived as if you are the king and Jesus is the clown? 

Why is the centurion’s confession at the cross, “Surely this was the Son of God!’ goodnews? 

How can you remind yourself that if Jesus was still the Son of God on the worst day in human history, the gospel is still true on your worst day? In what specific ways do you need to remember this as you suffer and endure life’s circumstances? 

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