Mark 14:41-52 Sermon Discussion Questions

How does describing your sin against God as betrayal make you feel? Does it give clarity to the nature of your sin? Why might we refuse such a description of our sin?  

Why should all sin be considered blatant betrayal of Jesus? In what ways do you try to make your sin less blatant and something other than actual betrayal of Jesus? 

Are there ways you are trying to just keep the peace with Jesus because you know the consequences of walking away would be too much? 

How have you experienced the freedom of mercy that comes from acknowledging yourself as a betrayer? Have there been specific moments in your life either at conversion or other moments when you came clean about specific sin and experienced forgiveness in Christ?  

What relationships in your life need to be more vulnerable to confession and repentance?

Is there sin in your life you are refusing to expose before God as betrayal? Is there sin in your life that you do not believe God would cover in grace? How does the gospel give you hope amidst confession and repentance?


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