1 Kings 19:19-21 Sermon Discussion Questions

Why is submission necessary for discipleship, for disciples, and for disciple-makers? How does failure to faithfully submit to Jesus as his disciple make it harder to make faithful disciples? What bad examples are you setting for your disciples and other Christians that by God’s grace you will repent of and submit to Jesus?

Who are you personally discipling? How will you submit to Jesus to make disciples this year? How will you personally be involved in discipling college students this year? What will that look like practically for you in the days ahead?

What are some of the greatest sacrifices you have had to make to faithfully follow Jesus? What are some people or some things in your life that would be the hardest to sacrifice to faithfully follow God’s will for your life? How can you cultivate a life of sacrifice for Jesus now?

What kinds of sacrifices do you need to make to faithfully be discipled? What kind of sacrifices do you need to make to faithfully make disciples?

How does Jesus’s sacrifice and submission make discipleship possible? How does his sacrifice and submission motivate you to sacrifice and submit to be a faithful disciple and to faithfully make disciples? When discipleship is going well? When it’s not going well?

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