Nehemiah 1 Sermon Discussion Questions

What situations are you tempted to compromise God’s glory for comfort and security?  

Are there burdens in your life that distract from being devoted to God’s glory? What would it mean for each of these burdens to see them as opportunities to make Jesus supreme?

What circumstances do you most doubt God’s goodness? How does God’s faithfulness in Jesus change the way you see these circumstances?

How should God’s faithfulness despite your unfaithfulness cause your to serve His purposes with greater faithfulness?

Why are we frustrated when we approach life by saying, “Here’s my plan. God be faithful to it.” Versus “God what’s the plan for your people. Help me be faithful to it.”  What’s the difference in these two perspectives? What difference do that make for our happiness?

What would it mean for your life (job, family, house, recreation) to first consider God’s unstoppable plans for His church?

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