Sermon Discussion Questions James 1:22-27

Are there ways the word has become background noise in your life? How have you cultivated habits of hearing and not doing the word?  

What changes could you make to ensure you become more of a doer of the word and not a hearer only? What accountability could you pursue? How could we as a church be more direct in our fellowship and accountability to do the word?  

In what ways is your tongue unbridled? What does this tell you about your heart? How could you be more of a doer less of a complainer? How could you use your words to love and encourage rather than tear down others?

How have you embraced the world’s system of love? Are you more prone to love those who have prestige or power? (in whatever group church work organizations teams etc) Do you tend to serve only when you are offered something in return? What ways are you tempted to promote your love? 

How might you be a doer of pure religion? Is there someone you know who is ostracized and helpless in our community? Who could you serve that no one would know about? What situation could you commit to knowing caring will reap no benefit for you? 

How does God’s love for you, His enemy, free you love your enemies? Who is God calling you to love in light of His love for you?

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