James 3:1-12 Sermon Discussion Questions

  • Is there a certain word, phrase, or sentence spoken by a specific person that has impacted or changed your life? Are there certain words spoken by a person that has hurt or caused pain in your life? Who and what are they?
  • In what context are your words the most harnessed? When are you most careful in the way you speak? Where are you most careless when it comes to words you speak? 
  • How have you seen words destroy good things in your life? How have you used words to hurt and destroy others?
  • In what specific ways have you seen the gospel change your speech? What ways do you notice your words are more dangerous with your words when you are not in God’s word or reflecting on the gospel?
  • Do you need to repent of grumbling or complaining before God? Are there people you need to confess and repent of gossip and slander? Are there specific people you need to offer forgiveness, grace, and mercy to with your words? Who can you speak words of life to this week in order to build them up in the gospel? Discuss with your group and seek accountability in repentance.
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