James 5:13-20 Sermon Discussion Questions

What suffering is revealing your weaknesses at this time? Has this increased your prayer life? How can your BFG pray for you regarding suffering?

What kind of goodness and blessing are you enjoying right now? Have you acknowledged this is God’s undeserved provision in your life? How can your BFG join you in praising God for this?

Is there sin you have acted upon that has caused division among members of the body that you need to confess? 

How can you cultivate habits of prayer in place of gossip, complaining, slander? 

Do you ever experience a temptation to wander from the faith? What does this look like?  What keeps you from wandering from Jesus? Does the church’s presence in your life protect you from wandering?

Who do you know who is wandering from the faith that you BFG can pray for?

How does the reality that we are all prone to wander change the way you pray for the wanderer?

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