Colossians 1:1-12 Sermon Discussion Questions

How are you tempted to treat Jesus as just another helpful generic spirit rather than supreme king of heaven and earth? 

God’s will for your life is holiness (living set apart by making Jesus supreme) What areas in your life are you missing out on God’s will because you have made yourself King? Someone else King? Or Something King? 

How is the ‘supremacy of self’ hindering your love for the people with whom you are closest (friends | family)?

Why is putting hope in others who are insufficient of the love only Jesus can give cruel and unloving? How have you been tempted to do that in specific relationships? 

If holiness is a matter of the supremacy of Christ in your life, what areas do you need to remember Jesus is King? 

Joyful perseverance makes much of Jesus. In what areas do you need to turn from making less of Jesus through grumbling and complaining? How does this minimize the gospel in your life? In each of these situations how will you turn to thank the Father for His goodness?

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