Colossians 1:24- 29 Sermon Discussion Questions

What are the “nows” in your life? What about your life now as a Christian would shock the person you were before you followed Jesus? 

How might you declare the Supremacy of Christ by embracing inconvenience or difficulty to share Christ with others? Who are these people? How might you sacrifice to see the gospel taken to the nations? Where might you go? What might you do? 

In light of the goal of presenting everyone complete in Christ, why is discipleship and long term ministry of the word so important for the church? 

Are there certain aspects of the gospel you are struggling to believe? (God’s love, forgiveness, acceptance) In light of these struggles, why is it important to hear Christ proclaimed? 

What areas of your life are you struggling to trust God? How does Christ lifted up in proclamation correct your doubts and strengthen your faith?

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