AWANA: Sign Up to Serve 2023-01-19T13:56:31-05:00

AWANA Volunteer/Leader Commitments

  • I will be 15 minutes early for AWANA. If and when this is not possible I will thoroughly communicate so my responsibilities are covered.
  • I will offer helpful feedback when appropriate with leaders. 
  • I will arrive with an attitude that communicates serving in AWANA is a privilege.
  • I will commit to serve with excellence, seeking to make my role and responsibilities more efficient and enjoyable for parents, kids, and others leaders.  
  • I will seek to live by the truth that complaining is profanity.
  • I will not gossip or slander parents, kids, and other leaders. 
  • I will make sure I wear the appropriate Ashland or AWANA gear each week to identify myself as a leader for parents and kids. 

Partnering with Parents in Behavioral Training 

We must make sure that no child’s behavior distracts other kids from learning the Word of God or leaders from serving and training. When a child’s behavior is too disruptive they will be given a warning. If the child continues in the same behavior they will be asked to step away from the group for a time to gain composure. No child will be isolated or alone. However, they will be kept from the group’s activity. If the child persists in the same behavior they will not be allowed to participate in AWANA the next week. If the child’s behavior continues to be disruptive the child will be asked to step away from AWANA for the remainder of the semester. Each of these steps will be thoroughly documented and explained to the child and parent. This is to assure that whenever a child is asked to step away it is only for extreme disruption. 

The leader will take the responsibility to go over with the parent the exact behavior detrimental to their group’s learning so the parent can address that behavior child each week. They will provide as much detail as possible seeking to be understanding of each child.