Isaiah 27:2-6 Sermon Discussion Questions 2021-10-17T00:18:32-04:00

Isaiah 27:2-6 Sermon Discussion Questions

What have been some of the hardest circumstances over this past year for you to trust that the LORD is your keeper, constantly watching over and caring for you? How have you seen His care in those circumstances or in other circumstances in your life recently?

What are some specific examples of when you have seen others in your church family or BFG set their own needs aside to care for others or to care for you? What are some ways by God’s grace that you need to do a better job of setting aside your wants/needs to serve and care for others in your family, in our church family, in your neighborhood, or at work, school, etc.?

How does God’s grace to His enemies, the thorns and thistles, give you hope and joy? Who are you sharing the gospel of God’s great grace with or who do you need to share it with that your BFG can be praying for by name? 

Under what circumstances at home, work, school, in the community, etc. is it hardest for you to show great grace to others? How does knowing God has shown you great grace in Christ encourage you to practically show great grace to others this week?

How does this big vision of God’s global garden encourage you to be more involved in missions? Will you go or give to send others to show and share God’s grace in Peru over spring break or to New Orleans next summer? Because God cares for you how will you sacrificially pray, give, or go to care for His people in New Orleans, Peru, or to the ends of the earth?