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We take friendship seriously.

Created to love God and one another, we need friendship – for accountability, growth, and joy. Bible Fellowship Groups (BFGs) allow us to do just that. BFGs are small groups that meet in homes throughout Madison County, where we live out the gospel together, seeking to apply the Word of God to our life circumstances. In short, BFGs exist for…

Spiritual Growth

We want to be “doers of the word, and not hearers only” (James 1:22), and our BFGs provide the context for members to challenge, encourage, and inspire each other to respond to the Word of God.

Biblical Friendship

God created us to live not in isolation but alongside others. Through our BFGs, we intentionally build real friendships where we pray for and serve one another.


BFGs bring the gospel of Jesus Christ into our homes, neighborhoods, and the larger community.

BFG Leaders & Host Homes

For anything to thrive, leaders must lead well. Our goal is that each BFG has a well-equipped leader who can promote spiritual growth, cultivate biblical friendship, and lead in mission.

The most fertile ground to realize these goals is the home. Each BFG must have a leader and also a home where the BFG can gather. The “host home” does not have to be the leader’s home. While some aren’t up for leading a BFG, they’re fully equipped to host a BFG. Both leaders and host homes are vital to the health of a BFG.

Our BFG Equipped Training Manual is below:

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