VIRTUAL BFG for 3/ 22/2020

In light of the new CDC guidelines which caution us from entering into crowds of no more than 10, we are asking our BFGs to attempt to meet virtually this week. To help with this we really need our leaders to attempt a virtual meeting. This will be crucial in maintaining our fellowship. This week let’s keep it simple. Share specific prayer requests and pray for one another as a group.   

 There are three venues for virtual meetings that you can use. FaceTime, Zoom, and Google Hangout.  Here is a very detailed tutorial that Joe Martin has put together to walk you through google hangout.


I have been asked about crowds less than 10 or BFGs who are not 10 or more. You should attempt to have you official meeting virtual this week. I think by doing this you will include folks who are not willing to be around people right now, as well as, those who are trying to follow the CDC guidelines.  Beyond your official meeting we will not bind your conscience in anyway. I understand the pain of not seeing folks you desperately need during this time. 

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