Witnesses in Quarantine: Matthew 6:25-34 Sermon Discussion

“I am immortal until God’s work for me to do is done.” –Henry Martyn

  • How should knowing God will keep you alive until he is done with you change what you are most worried about? 
  • How should remembering He is the giver, sustainer, and sovereign of all your life help your worries?
  • How (in the gospel) has God provided better than your worst worry?
  • What activities have increased your worry during the current crisis? (Social Media, Conversations about Coronavirus, stat watching)
  • How will you use time and energy for the kingdom this week instead of cultivating more worry?
  • What acts of worry have you seen in your life this week? (Hoarding, isolation, alienation from others) 
  • What acts of faith will you engage in next week? (Giving, praying, encouraging others)
  • How will you fight worry this week by seeking the kingdom? (Remembering the gospel, preaching the gospel, giving serving others)
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