Philippians 1:19-26 Sermon Discussion Questions

Our allegiance to the kingdom is to weight more than all other allegiances. What commitments, priorities, or allegiances in your life seem to have more weight that the gospel? How could / does this steal joy from you (and your family)? How will you give more weight to your allegiance to Jesus?

Our lives are to match the worth or weight of the gospel. What areas of your life do you find the most lack of gospel gravity? What steps will you take to give your life (family, job, academics, friendships, etc) gospel worth? 

Joyful fellowship is found when the church is united around the gospel and nothing else. What kind of things have you seen churches unite around? How have you see this steal joy from fellowship

Suffering for Jesus is a testimony that we truly follow Jesus. How has the rejection of your faith in Jesus by friends and family stolen your joy? In what ways can you find joy in suffering for the sake of the gospel as a sign of your allegiance to Christ? 

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