Philippians 3:17-22 Sermon Discussion Questions

  • Too often we long for others in the church to look and act more like us. Why is this a problem? Why is is better for us that folks would look and act more like Jesus? In what specific ways do you see patterns of sacrifice in the lives of others at our church? Be specific.


  • To add anything to the cross is to become an enemy of the cross. Why is this? What things are you tempted to require of others beyond the cross?  Why is this so dangerous for their soul? How does this affect your relationship with others? How could they confuse the gospel with your demands?



  • Total transformation will only happen through the consummated rule of Jesus. Why is this important to remember when it comes to our lives together in the church?



  • Who are those you wish would “change” to become more like you? How would you like for them to be more like you? How do you seek to demand others “change” for you? How might you instead display the pattern of humble sacrifice for those you long to “change” the most?
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