Philippians 4:1-2 Sermon Discussion Questions

How can you joyfully work to see others standing in the Lord? Who are specific people in your life who need to be reminded of the gospel? What specific actions will you take to encourage with the gospel. 

Are there disagreements where you are refusing to agree in the Lord with others? Are you refusing to acknowledge your sin? Are you refusing to grant forgiveness? How does the truth that you are a sinner who has been forgiven by God in light of the cross apply to this situation? How might we specifically pray for you (or others) with whom you need to agree in the Lord? 

Prizing the mission over preferences displays our commitment to make disciples of all nations no matter what it cost me personally. What preferences are you tempted to cling to that might hinder this mission in the life of the church? 

What temporal preferences or opinions do you tend to make eternal differences? How does this overshadow your commitment to the gospel? How might you be losing gospel credibility before others by making too much out of your personal preferences?  What steps will you take to change this?  


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