Mark 6:14-29 Sermon Discussion Questions

Have you ever had someone become irritated or agitated with you for sharing the gospel with them? Why do you think this happened? Did this have more to do with you, the gospel, or the person you with whom you were sharing? Why? 

Why did John the Baptist call out Herod for his marriage to Herodias? How does this inform our witness in your present culture? What does this look like today?

What areas in your life do you feel irritated or agitated by the word of God? What does this tell you about your sin? What must you do in response to this conviction? 

Are there ways in which you are trying to play it safe with the gospel? Find some middle ground with the world and the kingdom? Why is this? What are you fearful of losing? What gain are you jeopardizing in the kingdom?

The kingdom will eventually force our hand. Will we serve our sin? Or will we serve Jesus? How have you experienced this in your own life?

What does Herod tell you about yourself? How are you like him? Why must this cause you to look only to Jesus?


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