Acts 17:22-34 Sermon Discussion Questions

How do you fill in the blank? “If only… then I could be really happy.” How are you looking to idols to satisfy you in ways that only God can? How does God completely satisfy you in ways that idols cannot? How does knowing God set you free from the temptation to turn to idols in your everyday life?

Who are the people who have made God most known to you in your life? How did they make God known to you? Who do you need to make God more clearly known to? How will you commit to making God more known to others both in our church family and outside our church family?

Jesus makes God fully known. How does this good news bring you joy? How will you repent of your idols and trust in Jesus Christ day by day? How does the gospel encourage you to know God more deeply and make him known more clearly this week?

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