Mark 11:12-19 Sermon Discussion Questions

  • Jesus pronounces death to hypocrisy. To practice religious hypocrisy void of repentance is to live cursed, separated from God. How are your attempts to cover up your sin instead of confessing and repenting of it causing you to feel further from God? 
  • What sin in your life do you need to stop hiding and confess before God trusting in Jesus you can be forgiven? 
  • What would Jesus drive from your heart? How are you personally stealing God’s glory? How are you making access to the gospel more difficult for those who need it? What idols of self are keeping you from accomplishing God’s mission among the nations? 
  • If Jesus is who He says He is, He demands everything from us. What are you most fearful of losing by following Jesus? 
  • The gospel curses our hypocrisy, purges our righteousness, and destroys our power. Before the cross you cannot hide your sin. Before Jesus you cannot claim  your own righteousness. In light of the resurrection, you cannot live by your own power. Does this threaten you? How are you currently clinging to your power and fearful of trusting only in the gospel?
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