Isaiah 9:6-7 Sermon Discussion Questions

The irony of the gospel is that we are able to live now as if all of God’s promises have been fulfilled. What reason do we have to live this way? What does this look like in everyday life? In what specific ways, can you live this kind of hope?

Take some time to reflect and talk about each name by which Jesus is referred. How do these names transform the way you see life in this fallen world? (Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace) 

Why must God punish all sin? What would it mean if God did not punish all sin? Are you tempted to think God will judge other people’s sin but not yours? Why is this dangerous? 

What are the most common views of peace in your current context? How do the people you live around think about peace? What kind of peace do they long for in life?

God’s view of peace means our war with him is over because our sin has been punished. How does this peace change the way we live? What “unpeaceful” circumstances do you need to apply this peace to? How will Christmas help you do this?

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