Isaiah 7:1-17 Sermon Discussion Questions

What are some of the biggest problems or causes of stress you are facing right now? At work? At home? At school? How have you been trusting in yourself to handle these trials? How does God’s perspective of your problems encourage you to stop trusting in yourself and come to him in prayer? Spend some time praying for the specific needs of the people in your BFG.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the best it could ever be) how would you rate your prayer life right now? What are some reasons why we don’t pray? What changes will you make in your life to make prayer more of a priority?

Who or what are the Assyrias in your life that you are turning to for deliverance instead of God when you are stressed or depressed? How are these idols insufficient to give you the security and satisfaction you are looking for that you can only find in Christ?

What would happen if you just gave yourself fully over to the Assyrias/idols in your life with no restraints or limits for an extended period of time? How could it destroy you and the lives of those around you? What steps will take by the power of the Spirit to destroy these idols in your heart before they destroy you?

How does the gospel give you the hope you need to abandon your idols and trust in Immanuel during this season? How does your faith in Immanuel overcome your greatest fears?

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