Design and Destiny: Gender. Sermon Discussion Questions

What cultural expectations and pressures do you feel as a Christian when it comes to issues of sexuality and gender?

Are there obvious ways you personally have been more influenced more by culture than the Bible when it comes to gender? What are they?

God has made us equal in essence and purpose. How have you struggled to see this in your own life as a man or a woman? 

God has made men and women differently. How are you seeing these differences being minimized in our culture? How have you minimized biblical differences?

Why does blurring the differences between men and women diminish the truth of the gospel?

What ways are you discontent with the way God made you and the responsibilities He has given you?

How might delighting in your gender change the way you view your roles and responsibilities as a man or a woman?

What things might you do in your life, work, on campus, and home, to embrace a more biblical manhood or womanhood?

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