Nehemiah 5 Sermon Discussion Questions

How do we tend to use the disadvantages of others for our advantage in the church? 

How are you tempted to keep score when you serve others? How does God’s unconditional faithfulness change this?

Are there ways in which you distracting others from Jesus’ mission by enslaving them with your demands?

How can you be a tangible reminder of God’s faithfulness in the life of someone who may be struggling this week? (Be specific)

In what ways do you seek to give just enough (according to the rules) instead of beyond what is expected? How can does God’s faithfulness as the standard cause you to give beyond what is expected? 

How does God’s faithfulness in Jesus lead you to serve others beyond what is expected? 

Reflect on and recount how Jesus used His advantage for our disadvantage?

What advantages do you enjoy that can be used for the disadvantages of others?

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