Nehemiah 6 Sermon Discussion Questions

Describe how your life fits within God’s promise to be faithful to His people. How is God using you to fulfill this promise in the world? 

What is the enemy’s most effective tool to distract you from what God has called you to do? What are the normal patterns of this distraction in your life? How might you fight to stay focused on God’s mission despite this distraction? (Include practical suggestions) 

How do the things you are most worried about distract you from God’s mission in your life? How would prayer and work guard your heart from anxiety? What will you do to remember to pray and get back to work?

How do you struggle with fear of man? How does this keep you from sharing the gospel? How does reminding yourself of God’s plans and mission for his people give your courage? 

Why is it important to remember that the enemy never stops opposing us? What are some ordinary ways you can live as a kingdom citizen as a declaration Jesus is victorious king?  

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