Nehemiah 9 Sermon Discussion Questions

How have you recently forgotten God’s goodness in your life? How has this caused you to sin against God? 

How have you recently rejected God’s goodness in your life by rejecting His word? What specific sin has this led to in your life? 

How have you exchanged God’s goodness for the slavery of sin?

How have you allowed God’s good gifts in your life to be stolen by sin? 

Which of the following describes you when you are found guilty of sin; 

  • I tend to be apathetic about confessing your sin and pursuing forgiveness 
  • I tend to withdraw from God, the things of God, and the people of God
  • I tend to try harder to overcome my sin on my own   

How does Jesus change your response to the guilt of sin? How does the gospel cause you to desire confession and forgiveness? How does God’s faithfulness free you from the misery of just trying harder? 

Spend some time confessing your sin and thanking God that in Christ you have been forgiven. Thank God that because of the cross this sin is paid for and covered by the blood of Christ. Thank God that because of the perfect life of Jesus you are loved as a son in the Son.

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