Nehemiah 11-12 Sermon Discussion Questions

God’s faithfulness is displayed in people. How have you seen this displayed in vivid ways throughout your life? In your church? 

How do you expect generations to come to look back and see God’s faithfulness in your life? What do you think your name mean to them? What would you pray it means for Christ’s glory to those who see it in years to come?

The sights, sounds, and experience of gathered praise in the city was a tangible display of God’s faithfulness. How do you experience this weekly in our church gathering? Be specific. 

What are some very practical things you can do to be more “present” at church on Sunday? Think about the way you use your phone, engage with others, sing, pray, and hear the sermon. 

The Jerusalem homecoming was to be a marker of God’s faithfulness that led the people to greater faithfulness. Do you take for granted that the church will always be there? How could such apathy for the gathering create apathy during your week for the things of God?

How does gathering with the church to tangibly experience God’s praise cause you to long for heaven?

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