Genesis 3:8-23 Sermon Discusion Questions

How have you felt gracious God’s pursuit of you? How has he pursued you through tragedy, difficulty, church, or friends?

Have you ever tried to run from God in guilt? How did you try to hide from God because of your sin? 

Are there certain sins in your life that you are blaming on others instead of owning it? Have you sought to blame God for specific sin or sinful responses to life’s circumstances?

As brutal as the curse of death is, how have you experienced God’s grace in this world cursed by death? How has God used the evil of others for good in your life? How have you enjoyed and celebrated life in this world cursed by death? How have you been able to say death is gain? 

Are there ways in which you are trying to cover your sin with something better than Jesus’ death and righteousness in your place? What are the “good things” you use to hide your sin? How has this proven wearisome for you?

In Christ, we are able to run to God with our sin, is this hard for you to believe? Are you hesitant to do this with certain sin?  How might you more intentionally embrace the truth of God’s grace in Christ by coming to Him in confession and repentance trusting you accepted and love in Christ?

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