Genesis 4:1-16 Sermon Discussion Questions

In your own words, what does it mean to approach God in humble faith? What does this look like practically in worship and prayer? 

Are there sins in your life that you have tried to domesticate? How have you experienced the power of such sins to attack and destroy you? 

Consider for a moment God allowing you to carry out your very worst thoughts and desires? What would this look like? What kind of destruction would it cause yourself and others? Stop and thank God for saving you from the path of your worst thoughts and desires? 

Do you struggle comparing your sinful desires to that of Cain? Why or why not? Read Matthew 5:22 – 30 How does this change the way you think about your sin? 

Do you struggle to offer God something less than the blood of Christ for his love and acceptance? What kind of things do you do to try and earn God’s favor instead of simply clinging to Jesus’ blood and righteousness?

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