AWANA: Sign Up Kids 2023-01-19T13:56:43-05:00

AWANA is a ministry intentionally designed to come alongside and encourage parents as they disciple their children in God’s Word in the home. AWANA is more effective when parents understand this essential connection with family discipleship. For that reason, parents who sign their child up for AWANA must be actively involved. Parents are expected to work through the discipleship material with their children ahead of time and be ready to serve in AWANA.


AWANA serves as a supplementary discipleship tool for parents who are committed to training their children in the Word of God. Parents are expected to go over the assignments and memory verses each week with their child(ren). We understand that from time to time there might be weeks when life is overwhelming and AWANA leaders will be there to help parents and their children. However, the primary responsibility for learning the material and memorizing the verses remains with each parent. 


If the child’s book isn’t signed by the parent, showing that the child knows the verse, they won’t be able to have their leader sign off that week. If you aren’t sure of ways to aid your child in memorization, reach out to your AWANA leaders for tips.

Just like you, we want to see your kids come to know Christ and love Him and His Word! Our ability to foster an environment where that can happen is severely hindered if parents are not actively engaged and working through the material with their child(ren) in the home.


Parents are also expected to be available to serve in some way each semester. If you are a church member and your child is active in AWANA, we need you to help! There are a variety of activities you can be engaged in: volunteering to be a leader, subbing as a leader, engaging our guests in hospitality each week, etc. We understand that not everyone can be involved at the same level. However, for AWANA to be successful, parents who benefit from this discipleship ministry must also seek to contribute by serving in some capacity. We understand that your level of service will vary based on your season of life, other ministries in which you serve at church, work responsibilities, etc. Click here to sign up to serve. Fill out the form below to sign up your child(ren) for AWANA.